Buz 0.4 Documentation

Differences between Buzz and Buz

Although the possibility to do a modern rewrite of Buzz gives exciting possibilities, it was an early design decision to keep the original look and feel and not add anything fancy until the basic stuff works. Some workflow changes have been made though.

The left pane

The left pane contains loadable resources you can drag into other parts of the editor. It has two tabs: "All machines", and "Files".

All machines

Drag any installed machines on your system into the Machine View (F3). It loads machines listed in Gear/Index.txt under "Gear Index" and has separate folders for all machines in Gear/Effects and Gear/Generators.


Use this window to browse .WAV-files on your system, and drag any .WAV into the Wavetable (F9). You can also override this window by dragging files directly from Explorer into the Wavetable (F9). This panel also allows you to browse and load samples from modules in .MOD, .S3M or .XM format. To bring up the Files panel by keyboard, press F9 in the Wavetable or F9 twice from any other view.

Pattern Editor (F2)

The pattern editor was made to resemble the original as far as possible, only with improvements in select/copy/paste-operations. Additionally, the UI framework easily lets you arrange multiple pattern editors at the same time. The F2 hotkey brings up last known pattern editor. Ctrl-Mousewheel to zoom.

Machine View (F3)

Buz lets you select a machine and play notes with the keyboard to trigger sounds. This also works with MIDI In-keyboards. Hold down Ctrl to select more machines. Ctrl+Move to move selected machines. Ctrl+Right-Click to delete many machines. Ctrl+Click-Background to pan. Ctrl+Mousewheel to zoom.

Machine Parameters

When double-clicking a machine, their parameters are brought up in the right pane. Grab a tab in the machine parameter view and drag it out to make the parameter window float like the original. You can even group several machines in a floating window, or dock machine groups separately.

Sequence View (F4)

The pattern list on the right shows pattern lengths.

Wavetable (F9)

The wavetable looks almost the same at startup, but when selecting a wave, the builtin wave editor shows where original Buzz has its file browser.

The wave editor does not yet support cut, copy, paste, etc. Only zooming (Shift-S/Shift-A) and delete (Del) work.

HD Recorder

Right click a machine in Machine View (F3) and select one of the Render Output options to render the song to a file or wave table.

To record "What you hear" to file or to the wavetable, create an instance of the built-in plugin "File Recorder" or "Instrument Recorder".

Multiple audio channels, ASIO, recording from line-in

No ASIO or other audio device dependent machines work under Buz, such as Polac ASIO In, Polac ASIO Out, nor any WaveIn-machines. Instead, Buz provides two built-in plugins "Audio Input", and "Audio Output" which replaces any other ASIO machines. Select the plugins properties to set which channel you want to operate on.

Make sure you have selected a Recording Device under Preferences to enable input recording.


Buz has undo and redo for most editing actions except in the wave editor.

Stuff not yet implemented in Buz


MIDI-Out will be implemented later (I have never used MIDI Out in any context before!).

Buz 0.4, December 2006