Buz 0.4 Documentation

Keyboard shortcuts

Global keyboard shortcuts

F2 Pattern Editor
F3 Machine View
F4 Sequencer
F5 Resume playing
F6 Play from sequencer position
F7 Toggle record automation
F8 Stop playing
F9 Wave table
F11 Song comment
Delete Delete selection
Ctrl-Z Undo last action
Ctrl-Y Redo last action
Ctrl-X Cut selection to clipboard
Ctrl-C Copy selection to clipboard
Ctrl-P Paste from clipboard
Ctrl-A Select all
Ctrl-W or Ctrl-F4 Close current view
Ctrl-O Open .BMX
Ctrl-S Save .BMX
Ctrl-Tab Previous editor window
Ctrl-Shift-Tab Next editor window
Ctrl-BackspaceShow properties for working object

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